Columbia Park Elementary School

Welcome to the snow! 

Welcome to the snow! Well of course it’s snowing outside, we live in Revelstoke. I just wanted to remind parents and students alike about our RAISE behaviour expectations when you’re outside in the snow. First … the snow fall to the ground for a REASON; that’s because snow is MEANT to STAY on the ground. 🙂   Please do not throw snow of any kind in any way. Eventually, we’ll set up our snow targets and only then are you welcome to throw snowballs at the targets.

Also, if you’re building things with snow, please remember to be respectful to others. The golden rule is “If you build it, only you can break it.”

Another great reminder is to DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Parents I know you’ll continue to do you best to ensure your child comes to school with a good winter coat, snow pants, snow boots, mits and a hat. It’s important that you stay warm and comfortable when you’re outside.

Lastly, be awesome with one another out in the snow and have fun. BILLIONS of children in the world have never even SEEN snow, let alone get to play in it. So show your awesome RAISE behaviour outside in the snow, have fun, and be a great friend to your fellow students.

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Happy New Year!

Hello and Greetings CPE parents!

Welcome back to another year of learning at Columbia Park Elementary.  Sure vacation was a blast but getting back into the groove of meeting friends, setting goals, and having fun while learning will be awesome! And the new school year gives students a renewed chance to shine and be successful.

Change … who doesn’t love change?!? Well we’ve had some changes in our school over the summer including a number of new staff members.  Our Fun, Friendly, and Fantastic new teachers on staff include Ms. Lacroix, Ms. Russell, Ms. Kerluck, Ms. Holmes, and Ms. Bieniada. We’d also like to welcome Ms. Buffet and Mr. Hills, two new Educational Assistants, to our CPE team. A full list of staff is available under the About Our School tab. And if you scroll down this page, on the right you’ll see the Twitter feed  which gives you daily glimpse into what’s going on at CPE which is a great way to stay informed and in touch. 

Last week you received an email from Mr. Hooker where he references the K-12 School Safety Guidelines, and I thought I would briefly highlight some of our safety protocols to start the year:  

  • Staff and Students in grades 4 and up will continue to wear masks
  • The use of masks from K-3 is supported but not required
  • Frequent hand washing and hand hygiene practices will continue
  • Physical distancing to the greatest extent possible
  • Staying home when children are unwell or sick. 

The safety of our children and the school community continues to be our top priority.  And another priority…? Having fun, learning and succeeding in our squeaky clean, newly renovated building!

We’d like to keep parents and visitors inside the building to a minimum  so please contact the office and make an appointment if you’d like to see a teacher. 

It’s an exciting time of year for our students, staff, and parents alike, and I hope the first week of school goes well 🙂

Andrew Pfeiffer,Principal 

Columbia Park Elementary

Revelstoke, BC 


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